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Good Planning.. Great Results

Just a reminder to all my producer friends out there who always say budge budget budget

as a prelude to any production conversations we might have.

Lets go back to the good ole days of Pre-Production....

Now a days with so many uses for media and how its consumed, be it internal or external,

With a little thought and planning you can get alot out of your production day without whipping

the crews that support your efforts.

Sales videos can be product demos .. can be ads.. can be training..can be social media pieces.

Locations can be used to walk on other departments speakers who have different media

messaging and needs but who can share the same backgrounds.

We have done many multicamera meetings and webcast shows over the years which may have

one show lasting two hours.. but add the availability of another group walking in and presenting in the same space which is already hot and ready can half the cost to the first group.. and respects everyone's bottom line.

We also do alot of green screen where people from many departments pop in during the day to get the media they are needing for the various projects they are working on.

At the end of the day working smart not hard is the key..

it's up to the producer to do a little Pre-Production planning so that

when having their initial conversations with clients and feels the budget budget pushback

they can seek out other avenues that will benefit the production needs of the client and can leverage production costs across multi-users, adding benefits to the client, keeping the budget in check and eliminates the need to request crews to work hard fast and cheap.

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