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Lower Price May Mean Higher Costs

Hello again,

Going back to the theme that your communications be it corporate media, broadcast advertising, digital signage and social media, is all

about you being a brand and its perceived image by the public

You stand out in the crowd due to the image you project as being informative, creative, knowledgeable, unique, special, wanted, experienced and desired by your consumers because of your branding AND you stand out as a leader in your field amongst the competition because of your brand image

Then comes the questions about costs.

Everyone wants a deal, a bargain, a price lower then the last person they spoke to. This is the race to the bottom, for you, your livelihood and your profits.

The discussion should always be about what you bring to the table,

Your years of experience, attention to detail, your asking questions the client hasn't thought of, Your commitment to your clients success... This is what they are paying for.

Whatever it is that you do.. there is always someone that can do it cheaper.. will it fail? will it be as good? will the budget change at the last minute do to unforseen issues? will the client be satisfied?

When your client is educated to the fact that Price does NOT mean results, that what they're really paying for is value,

Your know how, commitment, attention to detail, and a successful outcome , hopefully they see that Price is No Guarantee of Success, BUT Value - You and Your Brand is the best choice for a great outcome

We Made a Commercial Demonstrating That Hiring on Price May Not Be The Best Way To Go .... Enjoy !!!

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