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Making Green with Green Screen

Todays Blog addresses something that we do many many times per month....GREEN SCREEN

One thing to consider as a way to maintain and enhance your brand image when shooting

Traditional Executive Addresses, Interviews and other Person To-Camera addresses is to try doing them infront of a "Green Screen".

Most people have seen chromakeying > replacing the background (green screen) in movies where the actor appears in an real or computer generated environment that reinforces the storyline.

In corporate / social media this same technique can also add value when communicating your message to your audience.

By Using green screen you have the option of > putting video clips behind the on camera talent (Broll) > you can have graphics, logos, photos appear in the background > talent can appear to be speaking from ANY location > If you do not have access to a visually appealing location for your on camera presentation the green can be replaced with any image of your liking.

All of these uses of green screen allow you to visually enhance your communication piece by hi-lighting product, text, photos, Broll and videos that help reinforce your message and engage your viewers.

We work with several companies that do a lot of green screen with us. One company does not have a boardroom but in their green screen videos they do. Another always has their company logo in the background, Another likes to reinforce the messages they present with Broll and text in the background.

All of these companies maximize thier video budget by schedeuling the shoot to accommodate the needs of different company departments that also have video needs and arrange their schedules accordingly.

So the next time you have a need to sexy up a standard talking head, you may find Green Screen is a Great Solution for your client

Until Next Time Dan

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