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Is "Good Enough" Enough?

Here at VBD Video Productions we've decided to share some of what we find are common misconceptions about the video production industry and why you should consider professional production assistance.

Over the years we've seen the industry change. Back in the Betacam days we were magicians.

It was a mystery how we did it with our trucks full of gear, satalite uplinks, crazy expensive cameras, decks, waveforms, vectorscopes, switchers, scalers scanconverters, then go to post, then go to air.. It required many many man hours and dollars spent to reach an audiance and get your message across. It was no cheap proposition to own or rent any of this gear and the talented crews who operated it all to "make the magic happen" were paid well, respected and sought after.

Today With the internet and other advances of technology like the availability of low cost cameras and lighting, laptop editing, the use of websites, social media and youtube to spread your messages.. alot of tools are within reach of most people.

We love that these advances help put creativity and storytelling in the hands of many, we've embraced adapted and integrated many of this new technolgy to benefit the production value we deliver to our clients...

However we dont agree with the premise.. "If I can post it to the web, share it on social media,

watch it on youtube.. Then its good video

Whether your self employed, own a small business, or work in a fortune 100 corporation, your clients opinion of you and your services matter. Their perception and expieriences with you will drive more business your way or set the table for your competition.

Whatever you do.. Please Remember..Its all about Branding.

You want your product, services, and messages to reflect the best possible image of you and your company whether communicating internally or externally.

The Goal is to be percieved as the leader in your field, attract the most clients, sell the most units, gain public awareness, accepance and market share, thats why your in business in the first place.

Even You are a Brand...How others percieve you, your work, your attitude, your professionalism, has everything to do with your personal success not only socially but economically as well.

If you are an office employee and often show up late to meetings, do only what you need to do, stay low on the radar.. Thats Your Brand..thats how others will see you. Your the late, Lazy, I havn't seen him/her One.

If you are a mechanic and clients keep returning with "its still not fixed" Thats Your Brand..They'll spread the word..Not a good place to bring your car.

In the world of media..we communicate with images and sound to entice and inform.. This media is a represention of what your business / brand is and stands for..

Its what the public sees and it is how you are judged.

Thus our disagreement with the notion that "good enough" is really "good enough"

There are many ways to be cost effective yet continue to present your brand in the best light possible and stand out from the competition.

How your brand is percieved determines its value, its worth, the desire to have, use and expierience it. To ingnore the fact that brand perception should be top of mind when creating media is just setting the table for your competition. Our goal is to help you with this

Fortunately for us there are still alot of companies and producers who still embrace the brand concept, however there are some that believed they saved money but really unneccesarily increased costs while traveling down Good Enough Road.

In our next post we will begin a series of production tips which demonstrate that your brand is important. Price and value are two different things and sometimes when you think your saving money and going down goodenuf might just be a dead end.

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