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The time is NOW to establish your social media marketing plan and create video content to advertise

Summertime isn't just vacation time, its a time where people are out and about and want to have fun outdoors, gathering with friends and family, dining out, and exploring new adventures.

Its also the time when you should be ramping up your social media assets to reach old and new clients alike.

Most All business have Websites, Facebook and Instagram accounts that are searched when folks are looking for things to do.

Your Social Media is Your " TV advertising".. and there is no charge to run your ads, change your ads, have daily offerings, highlight special events, even offer coupons.

However you do need to create content and do some planning to effectively and economically create a portfolio of media you can use to keep your social media fresh and interesting (call us :)

Another reason why summer is a great time to consider creating video assets and marketing tools is

the weather and seasonality of businesses that rely on summer fun and the great weather.

Businesses like landscapers, pool and patio contractors, roofing, siding, amusement and water parks, resort destinations will all look their best in summer and can create ads for social media that can also be used in the spring as the snow melts and thoughts turn to outdoor projects and outdoor fun..

What about Events.. music festivals, local fundraising, non profit events can all gather the footage they need THIS YEAR for next years events when they need create interest and public awareness.

Soooo.. For all of the above.. Its a great time to make that marketing plan that will not only serve you well now but in the future as well

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