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Our Work

Not only do we have the cameras to shoot your HD projects, but we also have the jibs, dolly and sliders that add dramatic movement to the shots along with our extensive lighting to create the mood, Add Creative Editing with After effects and graphics and you have a compelling story to teach, inform, market and communicate to your employees, consumers and clients.

     VBD Video Productions

   Media You Can Depend On

Your Message is Important, Your Brand is Important, Your Success Depends on How the World Percieves You and The Value You Bring... Trust VBD Video Productions - Media Services You can Depend On.

Westchester All Stars

Christmas Concert

We donated our crew and a Four Camera

HD Live Switch Package to tape this live event to support our wounded veterans.

Non Profit & Fundraising

Telling Your Story, Demonstrating The Impact of Charitable Giving On The Lives of Others, Puts a Face to The Cause

Corporate Communication

         Don't Hire A Clown

From sales-image pieces to townhalls, training and webcasts, We may be a good resource for you and your company.

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