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Hi Everyone, Thanks for taking the time to visit our 1st installment on the topic of things to consider when planning your communication pieces...

These tips from the field might also be named... How NOT to save money buy cutting costs

TELEPROMPTING I Wont pretend you need a Telepromptor everytime you want to put someone on camera, However I can't tell you how many times I've seen the "talent" walk into the room and say.. WOW..thats a lot of gear..I didnt expect this. Or.. I havn't read the script yet Or.. I'm good - I'll just speak from the top of my head And they ALL have limited time to get it done. So now we add: suprise, unprepared, intimidated, and I'll never say the same thing twice to the mix

So Heres Our Top 5 reasons How You Save by Having a Teleprompter On-set

#5 Flexibility

Although traditionally teleprompters have been used for one person ( the talent ) to look at the camera while reading a prepared script, there are many other ways of using this tool effectively.

If your on camera talent is more comfortable talking from a Powerpoint presentation, or by using bullet points, you can put those on the prompter allowing the "Talent" to follow along in a more comfortable fashion.

If your doing an interview style shoot where the "talent" looks off camera, a promptor could be placed to the side allowing the look and feel of an interview but with the message accuaracy of a script.

If your planning a conversation between two or more persons, having everyones script, PPT or Bullet points on promptors positioned in their view helps keep the conversation on track ensuring that the important message points are mentioned.

#4 Word Accuracy

Do you have a perfectly crafted speech or the copy has seen the legal department a few times? Then having a prompter for your talent is needed to ensure that the copy is presented word for word.

One thing you might not realize, is that now you have a promptor operator that is watching and listening to each word helping to ensure accuracy. The communications team and the director are free to focus on how the talent looks and presents the information to the camera.

#3 On Site Editing

One thing we see alot is last minute changes to scripts.. The very busy talent hasn't had a chance to see the script until walking in the room, and they would like some changes, cut this..add that..OK lets Go! No matter if its a long speech or a short message, script edits can be made very quickly. Any last minute changes needed can be made with just a few key strokes and it's done. Spacing, fonts and colors can also help accentuate certain words so the talent can get the most out of the copy.

#2 Effective Pacing

Do you have a fast talker and need them slowed down for the international crowd? Prompter operators can help with this. To be read easily the words appearing on the promptor should sit just above the middle of the screen.

The Talent reads this line while seeing the remaining dialogue as it comes into view. The Promptor operator can control the speed of the word scroll and help with a nicely paced presentation.

#1 Saving Time (money)

Time is money and that is why it's number ONE. There are really 3 ways prompters save time.

First, there is no need for memorization. Often our Talent are executives with packed schedules who are already multitasking. For some being on camera can be stressful.. how do I look , how do i sound, am i covering the material.. To memorize and deliver with the lights, camera, crew and communication team is a bit unnerving. Having a promptor helps the talent focus on the message, and allows for pickup and retakes that can edit in seemlessly if needed.

Second, building a prompter on location is quick and easy and will not add time to the set up or brake down. The time saved having copy changes in a flash and script on the screen is $$ in your pocket.

Third, with the director and communication team focused on the quality of message delivery and a less stressed on camera talent presenting the message, having a promptor will always justify itself in a better experience for the talent and a better communication piece for the organization.

Thanks For Visiting...

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