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Multimedia across Multiplatforms... No Problem!


Our Deep Bench of Professionals are at the ready to help you reach your employees, clients and consumers

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Camera Crews


Town Halls






We Provide Camera packages and Crews for any of your Multimedia Media needs - Across all Platforms. If you need a simple On camera interview, a teleprompted

presentation, training or image piece

complete with interviews, B-roll and graphics to reinforce your message, We have the personnel and the tools to get your message heard.


We help you communicate to your global workforce, clients and consumers in a timely and efficient manner keeping all parties informed on your mission, vision and values while building a culture of inclusion, teambuilding and cooperation thats focused on the challanges and goals of the organization.

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Post-Production Services

Cut Your Footage, Not Your Throat!

We edit your story to communicate your message, helping you to create the programming neccessary to market, inform, teach, and entertain your employees, clients, and consumers via multiplatforms. We make your life easier by editing on site with you. That means decisions are made quickly and your project moves faster.

video production ct ny nj vbd video productions



We have the gear and crews to support any of your multi media needs:

Green Screen, Digital Editing, Webinars, Webcasting, Mulicamera Interviews, Multicamera Live Switched Shows, Digital Photography, Digital Signage, Web content and Video Streaming Services

Our Business is making your concept a Reality. That being said we work with you in

creating the media you need that will get your message across to your desired audience, whatever platform is needed. Whether that is

a webcast/webinar, online website or

storefront, tradeshow, digital signage or a combination across all platforms. We bring our years of expierience along with our deep talent pool to bear in helping you create the programming neccessary to market, inform, teach, and entertain your employees, clients, and consumers.

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